Define Search Engine Optimization

March 1, 2009

Search engine optimization is the process of making sure that your website content and information helps you to achieve high ranking on search engines such that you will get traffic directed to your website through these search engines.

1. The very first and important step in search engine optimization (SEO) is to know all your niche keywords and phrases, and this begins with a good knowledge of your niche.

If you want to attract some potential customers to your website, you should know the relevant keywords and phrases to use. When people are looking for information online, they type different keywords and phrases on search engines, and you will need to know these keywords and phrases.

The best first step to define search engine optimization is to make a short video on the service or product that you are promoting. This doesn’t have to be professional quality.

Take a look at a lot of the videos on YouTube and you’ll see that a lot of them are grainy, out of focus, and have terrible framing.

What you want to do is make a video that is clear and showcases your product. You can do this with a webcam if you want. Just point it wherever it needs to go and then talk about your product.

How many free Website optimization tools will you need to perform the task of high rankings that will produce Internet traffic? It will only be necessary for you to use a few of these to get the high ranking you desire. Many of these free online optimization tools will give you detailed reports and free trial usage of ranking software. There are hundreds of complimentary online helps available so you will want the best ones that have positive feedback from previous customers.

If the articles we have written in English don’t bring us the desired traffic is not that their writing has been useless since anyway are important links to our website that with time will be able to rank high giving a traffic that will pay all our hard work. The same concept applies to the foreign languages that are spoken by lots of people like french or Spanish and so SEO for them will be difficult while if we choose optimization for languages that are not spoken worldwide then things will be easier. It will be a wise choose to build traffic in this way since soon we will receive visits and therefore we will get sales, leads and so on.

Second key to natural search engine optimization is the Meta tags applied to each web page. These do not have as much importance as they once did as far as search engine robots are concerned, but they are still an important element in determining a page’s ranking in the natural search results.

The third key is the number of external links that lead back to a specific URL. If other web pages reference this page frequently, it is assumed to contain relevant information to the keyword search criteria. Getting all three of these keys right when performing SEO will increase a pages rank in the natural search results, which is what people tend to look at when they search a keyword.